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How to Customise Shop's Design, Style and Branding?

Your shop will be ready to start selling and once you have entered all details in Setting (1) > Shop Settings (2) > General (3), there will be no trace of Item ATLAS in your shop.

No Branding of Item ATLAS in your Shop

You can add your shops location and legal entity details in Location (4) Section. That will be added in footer of your shop and in order confirmation emails.

You can add Logo and Favicon and Chose main color of your own shop in Shop Settings (1) > Other (7) section.

You can edit the design, style and Layout by adding/editing Additional Css (5) and Additional Js (6) in Shop Settings area.

You have complete freedom to make any changes you wish.

You might need advanced knowledge on Css and Js or you can hire our verified expert who can design your shop exactly how wish to at fixed price of $100 only.

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