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What about Data Security and Confidential Information?

We do not hold or store any confidential information line credit card, id cards, identity documents etc.

We only save what is necessary to deliver your products which are

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Delivery Address

Like any other online business, We also 3rd party provider who provides the hosting/data centre where our App, Site, Database etc. Contabo is one of the leading provide. You can read about their service and security here -

We do not and will never sell any data to any other party. But you should expect that, all site on internet uses cookies and tracking to provide better and personalised service.


We use Stripe Identity service to verify our retailers who choose to open their online shop using our application. You can read their privacy policy here -

We use Stripe by default to process our payment, We do not store or you do have to enter any credit card/Bank details in our website or in our retailers online shop. You enter them in the payment processors website which our retailers choose to accept.

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