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Refund Policies

For Retailers

We charge our application fee on each sell. If you have to refund to your customer, we will refund our application fee related to that sell only if that sell was never marked completed. Once an order marked completed, we can not and will not refund the application fee. We want the shopper to have the best service and providing refund is a indication of failing to provide the best customer service. It would be an worst experience for a shopper if you have to refund an order after completing it.

For Shoppers

We do not charge any fee or accept any payment from shoppers. We only charge our fee from retailers. As we are not taking any money from shoppers, there is nothing to refund.

Standard Refund Policy for all Retailers

You must follow all your local laws and rules regarding trade practice. Item ATLAS believes in fair and honest trading. You must be honest and fair to your customers.

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