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About Item ATLAS

The key distinction of Item ATLAS compared to other shopping platforms is that it does not handle any payments from shoppers. Instead, sellers receive direct payment from shoppers.

Item ATLAS offers a free service for building online shops. Sellers can create their own online shops without any upfront costs or monthly fees. All products from sellers' shops are also displayed for free on the Item ATLAS platform.

Item ATLAS provides a comprehensive solution for individuals who want to start selling online through their own shop without having to spend any money.

What sets Item ATLAS apart is its unique shopping platform. Shoppers enjoy all the benefits of shopping on a platform, such as comparing products, while sellers can promote their products without paying any commissions and have the freedom to serve shoppers through their own online shops. Item ATLAS functions as a shopping mall or center, and it does not receive any payment from shoppers. Shoppers make direct payments to the sellers.

Item ATLAS originated in Australia, and we pride ourselves on being unique, different, and, most importantly, simple.

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All products listed on will be included in the Item ATLAS Platform. Priority will be given to local sellers. For instance, if a UK seller opens an online shop using, their products will be displayed at the top of the list on before any sellers from outside of the UK.

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PO BOX 1020, Toowong, Qld 4066, Australia.

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